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Benefits of Rent to Own

  • Buy the home you want

  • Own your home faster

  • Work with professionals to repair your credit

  • Accumulate rent credits to help you save for a down payment

  • Benefit from the appreciation of the home before you own it

  • Rent for 2-5 years depending on your situation

  • Pride of home ownership from the start


Our Rent-to-Own Program encourages you qualify to buy the home you want by helping you save the down payment, working with our team of mortgage agents to help you improve your credit as well as help you obtain financing when it comes time to take full ownership. We will provide you with support along the way as well!

Buy the Home You Want

Working with our team, we'll help you find the home you want to live in and own in the future. Whether this process takes 2 weeks or six months, we won't pressure you into a home you truly don't want.

Own Your Home Faster

Our clients usually don't have a full down payment and often have issues with their credit. Both of these take time to accomplish. But you don’t have to wait to buy a home. Our program helps you save your down payment while you repair your credit.

A Team to Help You Repair Your Credit

We have a team that has invested in real estate for a long time. They've had great credit and terrible credit, and everything in between. And we're connected to great mortgage agents that know what lenders need for qualifying. As long as you're willing to work with our team, you can have improved credit that will help you qualify for your home.

Accumulate Rent Credits

Saving for a down payment is a must! As such, a portion of your rent goes toward your down payment so when the term is up, you are able to purchase the home you have lived in. Our goal is help you save 5-10% of the purchase price.

Appreciation Happens

The purchase price of your home is established at the beginning of your program to protect both the seller and buyer (you). And as an added bonus, if the area appreciates more than what was agreed upon, the additional equity is YOURS! The purchase price is discussed openly and is based on past years' appreciation in the area. We want you to be able to buy the home and will qualify you based on the established purchase price to ensure you can afford the home comfortably. 

Rental Duration Based on You

You may only need a two-year term to get your situation straightened out, or you may need as long as 5 years. We work with our clients to set the term that's right for them and have an option to extend the term if it was not long enough. From our experience, most rent-to-own's last three (3) years as most people find it too short to repair credit and save a down payment in a two year term, but we're here to work with your individual situation.

Pride of Home Ownership

Being able to live in the home you're going to buy allows you to make the home yours without having to worry about what the landlord would say. With our Rent-To-Own program you get to live in the home you pick, exactly as you will at the end of the term. 

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