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"We didn't qualify due to bad credit when we fond the home of our dreams. Thankfully Rent-to-Own Solutions provided great value in securing our dream home and making home ownership a reality  for our family."



How we help you


It's simple! We buy the home you want to purchase, you live in it and pay rent along with a rent credit, and in 2-3 years, you purchase the home from us at an agreed upon price. You choose the home you want and live in, accumulate credits towards a down payment, rebuild your credit with our assistance — all while enjoying the benefits of living in your new home.



How do I qualify?


This is an easy application process where we take a confidental look at your indivdiual situation. We'll look at your credit and income as well as what you have saved for a down payment. We welcome bad credit and past bankruptcy as we understand these things happen. We want to make sure we can help you get your ducks in a row when it comes time for you to make the purchase. 



How does it work?


You can apply right online today if you like. Or if you have questions, we can answer them before we move further.  Like any program, Rent-to-Own is not for everyone, so let's chat and see what the best solution is for you. Because we're solution oriented, if RTO doesn't work, we may have another option for  you. Apply today and let's find the best solution for you!



“They walked me though every step of the way! Even helped to rebuild my credit. Thank you! Owning our own home would never have happened without you. ” 


~ A. Pellard, RTO Client




We help individuals, couples and families achieve home ownership


We understand the challenges of purchasing a home. Prices are rising, higher down payments are required, and qualification is becoming increasingly difficult. Rent-to-Own is a solution! Bad credit and partial down payment accepted! Our program is perfect for new immigrants and self-employed people who have steady income but are turned down by the bank.     LET’S START!




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